An open offer from Lincoln Mc Dowell…..tuning and technical help

Lincoln has sent me an email, see below, he has as you can read made an offer to help tune up your boat, offer advice.

This is done in the spirit of be open and wanting to help the class grow, it is very generous and a great opportunity to share your thoughts with someone that has a depth of knowledge.

Lincoln and David are the RED ANT people……speak to them about the F3 and the range of carbon booms, masts and sails they make and used at the worlds.

Lincolns email to me…….

I would like to post that I would be more than happy to assist anyone with advice measurements or anything that could help improve M class sailors.

Even guys wanting to build there own boats, no need to use any of our stuff. I would really like to improve standard of racing in Aus.

I have no knowledge of Waliki boats so can’t help there.

I was trying to help as many as I could in SA at the recent titles.  But feel I could’ve done more as these opportunities don’t come around that often.

I have reviewing photos from the comp and I can see setup issues with many of the boats. Sail settings were not right.

My F3 from worlds is now is hand of Nigel Winkley and he just finished 2nd in German Nationals. He shortened the fin slightly and he felt it went much better in light air.


Marblhead Nationals : March 2015 ADELAIDE

The Marblhead nationals will be held in Adelaide, March 11, 12 , 13th 2015.

Perth will be hosting the nationals in 2015 for all other classes, but due to the poor take up in our class South Australia have been given the opputunity to host the event.

We have started the process and have located a very exiting venue, more of this as this devlops, we expect the event to well attended , given we had 17 boats for our recent State championships.

so…..get in now for your cheap airfares, hook up the trailer or start saving your fule money.

Get your new sails ordered…….

Check out the weather in March……it,s great in Adelaide

Brad wins the RM Worlds

Well the worlds has been won by Brad Gibson, no surprise really, we have all seen Brad and watched him take a regatta apart with his great sailing skills and the part we don’t see……he puts the time into his preparation.
He did not seem to have sailed a new design, he sailed the Grunge design that he sued for the previous worlds and the British nationals.

He sailed as part of the British team with the GBR insignia on his sails…..but we know he is an Australian !!

Final three places: Brad Gibson 30 points Graham Bantock 55 points and Ante Kolacevic 61 points

Our guys, Lincoln, David and John did well. Lincoln ( 22) and John (24 ) they both had there good moments and some not so good, as did the whole fleet, David finished in 45.

Well done to them for making the effort and undertaking the expenses to be there and keep Australia on the map

I am sure there will be stories to be told, I did hear that Lincolns and David’s boats where damaged in transit, I am sure there is more to this…..
John sailed his Waliki Scalpel, which as has been reported demonstrates that there is still life in some of the older designs, in the right hands these boats are in with a chance and do sail well. A quick look at the articles Brad has written in the English blog about boat prep is all part of the answer.

I have also seen that a small group has been formed from those that sailed in worlds, they will start the process of brining the Marblehead’s together, allowing us to improve our growth. I am sure they will put some ideas about improving the design parameters of the class out for discussion, Lincoln is a part of this group, so we have a voice.

We need to get more boats out at club level, encourage those that have boats in the shed to come out. The class is growing again in Europe, Britain and in the States…..maybe we can have a larger group at the next Worlds ??, Not sure where this will be.

British RM nationals : Brad Gibson again

Brad GIbson is British RM champion, for the third year in a row.
Check out the British RM blog for details

Hope our Aussies are ready for the worlds…..

With Winter upon us it seems very quite, the Queensland guys have had their first championship and Melbourne is at the end of the month…..any other news ?

Some news from the English RM scene : Brad is still winning

The RM scene is growing….

21 skippers made the trip to this years running of the Midlands District Ranking race held from the Manor Park Sailing Club. Competitors came from all parts of the country, along with a couple skilled of German visitors to test themselves against some of the countries best including current National and World Champion Brad Gibson and multiple National Marblehead, and now former IOM World Champion Peter Stollery.
Light A rig conditions greeted the skippers, but with threatening clouds and the prediction of strong winds, rig bags were kept close by in expectation of quick rig changes.
After seeding races were completed with both Stollery and Gibson taking a win apiece, the fleet settled into some quality racing with challenging figure of eight courses set by PRO Paul Stubbs to get the best of the oscillating winds.
As the day progressed and the wind picked up skippers changed down to B rigs and settled into some fast tight racing.
Many skippers over the day had moments at the front of the fleet with relative newcomer to the class Darin Ballington racing an older Bantock designed ROK to some fine placings. Others notable skippers to shine throughout the day were Nigel Winkley from GER, Roy Stevens, Hugh McAdoo, Martin Crysell and Henning Faas GER.
At the days conclusion it was Gibson who held the wood over Stollery for all but 2 of 9 races to take the win with 7 points after 2 discards. Stollery came home in 2nd on 14 points with Darin Ballington finishing well to take 3rd on 26 points
It was encouraging to see a few added faces, both new and old to the Marblehead class for this event. Some who have aquired recent boats and others that have dusted off that racing machine at the back of the cupboard. Some sported new sails, some new keels, and others no more than a wash and polish but what was evident is that people are getting on board the Marblehead resurgence that is happening here in the UK. Why not grab a boat and get planning for next years big season ahead which includes some 1 and 2 day ranking events, a Nationals, a World Championship in Gouda, Netherlands and a full season of Games events. Get to it!
A big thank you to PRO Paul Stubbs and his Midlands race team of Graham Walley, Gordon Sears, Tracey Ballington, Mick Chamberlain and PJ Ballington who provided us all with a most enjoyable days racing.
That is now the final Marblehead Ranking event for 2013 but skippers are reminded of the upcoming Mermaid Trophy to be held at the Guildford club on the 3rd November.

(L to R) 1st Brad Gibson, 2nd Peter Stollery, 3rd Darin Ballington with PRO Paul Stubbs